Club Membership

Blue Mountains BMX Club is affiliated with AusCycling 

AusCycling Membership

You can register for your membership to AusCycling at In order to participate in any official riding or racing event at the Blue Mountains BMX track or any official AusCycling racing event, you first need to obtain an AusCycling "Race Off-Road" or "Race All Discipline" membership. Please ensure that you select "Blue Mountains BMX Club" when registering your membership so that you are associated with our club.

4 Week Free Trial Membership

If you or your child are not sure if BMX is for you, you can obtain a 4-week free trial membership. This gives you all the benefits of full membership for free and entitles the rider to enter club racing events. More info can be found here.

What are the advantages of AusCycling Membership?

  1. Access to Cycling Events: AusCycling membership provides you with access to a wide range of cycling events, races, and competitions across Australia. These events may include road cycling, track cycling, mountain biking, BMX, and more. Membership allows you to participate in these events and enjoy the competitive aspect of the sport.

  2. Insurance Coverage: AusCycling membership typically includes personal accident and public liability insurance coverage while you are participating in sanctioned events. This insurance can provide you with financial protection in case of an accident or injury during your cycling activities.

  3. Support and Development of the Sport: By becoming an AusCycling member, you contribute to the development and promotion of cycling in Australia. The membership fees help support the organization's efforts in organizing events, maintaining facilities, and promoting the sport at various levels, from grassroots to elite.

  4. Membership Benefits: AusCycling membership often comes with additional benefits such as access to member-only discounts, deals, and offers from cycling-related partners and sponsors. These benefits can include discounts on cycling gear, equipment, accessories, and services.

  5. Community and Networking: Being a member of AusCycling allows you to connect with fellow cyclists, both recreational and competitive, creating opportunities for networking, sharing experiences, and building relationships within the cycling community. This can enhance your overall cycling experience and provide a sense of belonging.

  6. National Representation: As a member, you have a voice and the opportunity to contribute to the development and direction of cycling in Australia. AusCycling represents the interests of its members at a national level, working towards improving the sport, advocating for cycling-related issues, and influencing policies that affect the cycling community.