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Blue Mountains BMX Sqorz Results and Timing


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Club Racing Info

Race Dates:  Series 1 is in the first half of the year (January to June) while Series 2 is in the 2nd half of the year (July to December). Club race days are generally every 2 weeks but please refer to our Events page for specific dates.
Time:  Sign on: 2:00pm – 2:45pm
Race: 3:00pm Sharp
Cost:  $10 per rider. Family of 3 or more $25
Motos:  Each Race event has 6 Motos (races). Order is 3 motos, 10-15 min break, 3 motos then home.
Qualifications:  All licensed BMX riders can qualify (regardless of which club the rider is a member of)
Awards:  Mini Wheelers & Sprockets:
All Mini Wheelers and Sprockets who ride in at least 75% of uncanceled rounds (8 of 11) will qualify for the Series and will receive a Participation Award.

Division Classes:
All riders who ride in at least 75% of uncanceled rounds (8 of 11) will qualify for the Series and receive Placed Trophy.
Riding in Class:  All riders shall ride in the same Class for the entire series.
Class Combinations:  For riders who have to go to another class, due to low rider numbers, the rider will take their finishing place for that race back to their original class for series scoring purposes.  (Riding up only).
Inclement Weather:  If affected by inclement weather, the committee will make a decision on race day whether racing can proceed. This will include any lightening that may be in the area.
Disputes: Racing disputes will be handled by the Chief Steward and the Riders Rep. Other disputes will be handled by the committee who have final say.
Website Points:  To inform all riders of their current position in the series, Series points will be listed on Sqorz after each round until the second last round. The full results will be available after the presentation.
Event Points:  Event Points are awarded for finish position in the class at the end of each Moto
1st = 10pt
2nd = 8pt
3rd = 6pt
4th = 5pt
5th = 4pt
6th = 3Pt
7th = 2pt
8th = 1pt
DNS = 0pt
DNF = 0pt
Series Points:  At the end of each round total event points are added to the riders series points
Officials:  Club Race days cannot go ahead if we do not have enough Officials. It is free and easy to be qualified. Please speak with a Committee member for more information or find more information here.