Become a BMX Club Official

Become an Accredited AusCycling BMX Club Official

It's easy and free to complete the accreditation and become a BMX Club Official. All you need is an AusCycling profile, then set yourself up here: and complete the "BMX Club Official" course. This is just the start of the journey, there are many other courses you can find here that will give you the necessary qualifications, knowledge, and authority to actively contribute to the BMX community as an official.

Why Become a BMX Club Official

Becoming an AusCycling BMX Official offers the chance to contribute to the sport, gain knowledge and expertise, develop personally, network within the BMX community, access events, and receive recognition and certification.

As an accredited BMX club official, you will be authorized to officiate BMX races at various levels, including local club, regional, State, and potentially even national events. You can play a crucial role in ensuring fair competition, enforcing rules, and maintaining a safe racing environment.